BRS TS324 panel

TS-324 Backup Plate

Next Generation Back-Up Plate

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BRS Back Up Plate

The new Back-Up Plate is designed with tighter tolerances and wings. This allows for self drilling fasteners in the
shoulder, increasing the overall strength of the endlap.

Tabs are staggered for easy installation and the tab standoff is tighter in order to grip the panels. Dimples on the tabs
are used to hold the Back-Up Plate in place until the upslope panel is installed. The upslope panel bears on the upper
portion of the Back-Up Plate to keep the lower portion in the proper plane for easier fastener installation.
The flanges act as a stiffener against bending for gravity loads. The Back-Up Plate can also be produced with no
flanges for use with deck or rigid insulation.

Re-engineered pre-punched recessed holes are key to this redesigned Back-Up Plate. The holes help guide fasteners
into proper placement, increases material strength at the hole location, counters standoff caused by tubulation for better
ply clamping and increases torque required to strip out fastener providing less stripouts.