PC Backup Plate

PC Backup Plate

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PC Back Up Plate


PC-218 PC216

PC-218-0 PC-216-0


Innovative Design

  • Tighter Tolerances- smoother fit
  • Versatile option for either Staggered
  • or Inline end-laps
  • Four (4) dimple imprinted staggered tabs provide :
    *  Easier and quicker installation
    * Positive friction installation assistance
    * No required clamps to hold in place while upslope panel is installed.
  • No punch provides clean fastener attachment substrate.
  • Wider substrate panel support at endlap/highside /ridge
  • Ease of cinch strap placement – when required.
  • Precision stamped parts adhere to stricter design performance tolerances.
  • Galvanized G-90 material for longevity /durability
  • Part flanges act as stiffener against bending for gravity loads and uplift.
  • Parts available without flanges for placement onto deck or rigid insulation.