BRS and its founders have been granted more than 27 patents on various metal panel systems Including but not limited to: panel designs, zonal roofing, wind clips, high capacity rake plates, module clamps, numerous clips, field forming seaming technology and many more.

BRS founder -Leo Neyer assisted in the development of multiple standing seam roof systems for Nucor Buildings, A&S Buildings, McElroy Metals, Metal Sales, Behlen Manufacturing, Vic-West, Armco Buildings, Binkley and ASC Machine Tools prior to beginning BRS.

Design, developed, tested and deployed industry changing patent pending field folding seamer methodology -called “Bend Finesse”  in conjunction one of our Strategic Partners- Quality Roof Seamers- Olive Branch , MS.

BRS remains an active member of the MBMA and participates on the Technical, Energy, Insurance and Fire related, and Architect committees.  BRS is also an active member of the MBCEA assisting erector and installers.

BRS was an integral participant in the first full scale standing seam roofing system testing at Florida International University (FIU) using the “Wall of Wind” testing. The final test results allowed Florida Building Code officials to change roof deflection limit from L/240 to L/120 in the High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ)thereby allowing for a more economical roof design.

Designed, developed, tested  and deployed 8”, 12” and 16” wind clips to allow wider purlin spacing attachment points in edge/corner zones while increasing roof system performance without the addition of exterior roof clamps (roof warts) at clip locations.

Established quality control programs for license holders assuring participant licensees panel profile products are being manufactured according to the tested design and within design tolerances. This includes in house Quality Control Evaluation of panels and QC monitoring tools for licensees.

Designed, developed, tested and deployed the patented  High Capacity Rake plate with up to 7” of travel while being suited for the more stringent ASCE7-16 and IBC-2018 edge/corner zone code requirements for all metal standing seam roofing designs. The patented third party tested design is up to four (4) times the uplift capacity of existing industry standard systems using current slotted shoulder fastener rake plate details.

Most successful metal standing roofing system licensing program with over 30 plus license holders with two in Canada, one in China and the remainder spread across the continental United States.

Created the two highest performing standing seam roofing systems PanelCraft 216/218 and TS324 utilizing Superior Seam Technology™ including patented panel seam joinery TripleLok®, QuadLok® and RollLok® (TS324 only) for longevity, weatherability, performance and uplift.

Maintains stringent quality control inspections of Strategic Partners assuring parts and equipment meet design specification requirements and compliance of performance criteria through onsite facility inspections including ongoing BRS in-house lab product testing.

 Patented Module Clamp Kits to assist in maintaining proper panel modularity including long to ultra-long panel runs, extended standoff clip heights for added insulation thicknesses or projects that incorporates panel splices/laps in the field of the roof.

Extended standoff (2”, 2-1/2”, 3”) height panel standoff clips to allow for metal over metal retrofitting without existing roof removal with the possibility of adding insulating value to an existing structure.

Developed Superior Seam Technology™- SST single identity ARCAT listing for participating licensees featuring downloadable Architectural Guide Specifications for US and Canada - methods of design and BIM modeling while exposing all listing members to over 2 million digital website listing visits annually.