Sales Features

BRS, Inc. Enjoys the Proven Reputation as the Leading Established Innovational Product Development Firm in the Industry




Developed unique standing seam roof systems which include industry leading technological performance features with Hundreds of Millions of Square Feet installed  

  • TS-324™ Trapezoidal Roof System
  • Panel Craft 216/218 Vertical Rib Pan Panel Roof System

BRS holds numerous patents, most are for our two-industry leading standing seam roofing system components and designs which protect licensee’s investment for the Superior Seam Technology™ intellectual properties and innovations of the licensed roof systems.

BRS, Inc. Delivers Excellent License Support

  • Field consultation
  • In-House consultation
  • Sales support on large projects
  • Sales training assistance
  • First project installation assistance
  • Field support for roof installation problems
  • Established vendor source for BRS designed accessories & clips
  • On-going technical bulletin program

Continual pursuit of system performance and excellence through proprietary Superior Seam  Technology™-SST.

Roof System Surpasses Other Systems

  • TS324™ has Superior Wind Performance
  • The TS324™  panel profile surpasses snap together panel joinery as well as all other industry mechanically field seamed roof systems
  • Other roof systems address wind load zones by one or a combination of the following which these industry methods increase costs of materials, labor and add complexity to the project.
     * Thicker panel material in these areas
     *Reduced or narrower panel width
    * Exterior clamps (roof warts) over the panel seams at clip locations
    *Inconsistent structural spacing with the additional framing members during installation required to meet the ever increasing stricter in corner /edge zones area codes or requirements.
  • The BRS Roof Systems can be installed without required seaming until roof is completed, which allows the panels to be seamed later at a more convenient opportunity. Note: Seaming is required prior to trim installation and seaming should not be delayed for an overly extended time.
  • Panel clips allow nominal 4” of roof movement unless wind clips coupled with High Capacity rake plates which will allows up to 7” of travel.
  • Patented clip provides up to 85 psf design loads for perimeter and corner zones reinforcing without reduced purlin spacing or 180 psf design loads with reduced purlin spacing
  • Long base clips provide high R factors shown in  “Base Test” results minimizing purlin strapping or bridging
  • Lower manufacturing start-up and inventory costs since same coil width allows for the multiple seaming options of panel profile selected
  • Both roof systems can be installed to meet or exceed established insurance, building code, and product testing certification requirements
  • High Capacity Rake plates allow up to 7” of travel when utilized with movable clips.
  • Higher uplift capabilities in the edge and corner zones due to various clip or seamer options available.
  • Longer panel runs of 500’-0”+ without overpowering the 7” of clip/rake plate travel available  when 8”, 12” or 16” Wind Clips and High Capacity Rake Plates are utilized

Patented Panel, Clips and High Capacity Rake Plates

  • Roof system components are covered on the seam configuration, seaming methods, and roof installation methods  
  • Panel clips’ base, tab, clip slide designs are covered assuring the industry leading roof system remains the benchmark for all others to attain giving an advantage to all license holders when selling against their competition
  • Recently introduced industry changing High Capacity Rake Plates designs are available in the standard “Z” shape or custom“ L” shaped part designs to allow licensee flexibility are also covered to assure product exclusivity to the BRS roofing systems.