Manufacturing Costs

Manufacturing Costs Lower than Other Systems

  • Panels run on same tooling for all three seam configurations (no change in set-up)
  • Roll-Lok™ for TS-324™ (no electric seamer required), TripleLok™ and QuadLok™ (electric seamer required) TS324™ and Panel Craft 216/218 seamed are the same for both panel profiles
  • Only one style of clip required for all seam configurations.
    Over 30 different types of performance clips available to meet numerous project requirements: fixed standard/ stand-off, movable standard/stand-off, movable wind or extended high stand-off clips.
  • Established relationships with key suppliers of roll forming machinery and standing seam roof system parts
    ASC Machine Tools
    Bradbury Company
    Excel Stamping and Manufacturing, Inc
    Logan Stampings

BRS, Inc. DOES NOT Compete with Licensees

  • BRS is not a manufacturer of any product for the metal construction industry
  • BRS profits only with the profitability of BRS Licensees. License holder’s greater success fuels our success.
    No Lineal Foot or Royalty Charge for Production
  • Licensee only pays a onetime lifetime fee for license with no future relicensing fee required.

No Seamer Expense

  •  BRS in association with Quality Roof Seamers (QRS), Olive Branch , MS- (the only BRS compliant  seamer company) enables Licensees to have rented seamer(s) delivered directly to and picked up from customer job sites. The rental option allows Licensees to avoid investing, maintaining, coordinating or owning mechanical field seamers. The Licensee can control whether they incorporate the rental/transportation cost expenses and coordination into their roofing systems/building sale price or have their customer rent the equipment direct.
  • No cost to Licensee for updating and improving seamers -BRS works with QRS continuously to improve our seams to maintain the highest performance for longevity, weather-ability and uplift.
  • No seamer equipment, parts, refurbishing staff personnel for maintenance, rental billing or additional overhead for these functions incurred by Licensee.
  • Non- licensee ownership equipment option directs field seaming machine issues and/or seaming performance liability to QRS.
  • Allows Licensee to offer the latest seamer technology to their customers without investing in the methodology technology -Between BRS and QRS.

Ongoing Technical Support

  • BRS support for licensees is not limited to a set number of days or weeks, but includes technical and sales support for the successful introduction of the roof system while continuing future support as required by licensee.
  • Advice and answers to questions relating the licensed product over the phone or during visits to licensee facilities are offered at no cost.
  • Assistance with installation problem jobsite resolution is available on an as needed basis for reasonable costs.
  • BRS technical seamer support is provided as required by License holder when requested through QRS.
  • Industry typical architectural details are provided for engineering and drafting support while allowing the license holder to customize to reflect their own trim profiles.
  •  Introduction of innovation and technology advancement through the release of periodic technical bulletin releases as they occur.
  • Fee based specific testing available.
  • Fee based panel profile Quality Control Programs to assure panels are being manufactured as designed for maximum performance and customer satisfaction.