License Benefits

What do I actually get for my licensee fee?

  • Three Panel Systems with Only One Patented Panel Profile
  • RollLok®* TripleLok® QuadLok®
  • BRS Ongoing Tech and Sales Support
  • FM, UL, ASTM E 1592 Test Results
  • Access to BRS UL Test Data for UL Listing
  • Access to BRS FM Test Data for FM Listing
  • Assistance with Florida Roof System Approval
  • Access to Product Improvements
  • Installation Guide Modified with Your Company Information and Product Names and Details Unique to Your Building System
  • Architectural Details and Product Drawings in AutoCAD
  • Product Application Guide
  • Technical Bulletins

What are the costs benefits?

  • No In-house Production Development Costs
  • Lower Manufacturing Start-up and Inventory Costs than other Systems
  • No Lineal Foot or Royalty Charge for Production
  • Licensee Only Pays a One Time Fee for License
  • Flexible Payment Terms for License
    *RollLok® not available for PanelCraft 216/218, only TS324® roof system

What Sales Edge do I get in the marketplace with a BRS Licensed Panel?

  • Roof System Superior to Other Systems
  • Three Roof Systems in One TS324®
  • Superior Wind , uplift, Air and Water Third Party Performance
  • Fewer Installation Man Hours
  • Lower Manufacturing and Inventory Costs than other Systems
  • Product Improvements Keep Products Current and Up to Date
    ·       Access to ARCAT digital website listing with over 2 million site visitors annually (fee based after first year of licensing)
    ·       Joining over 30 other existing license holders expanding the marketplace with every sale
    ·       A roof system that can be marketed as your own within a few short months
    ·       Roof systems that are well established throughout the industry marketplace

 â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹BRS Licensee Benefits

1.  Access to the Leading, Established Innovational Product Development Firm in the Industry
2.  Field tested installed Licensed Roof Systems with 100’s of Millions of Square Feet In-Place to Date
3.  BRS has an Excellent Reputation of License Support
4.  Established Vendor Source for Accessories and Clips
5.  Roof System and Components Superior to Other Systems
6.  Highest tested performance for air and water infiltration roof system in the industry
7.  Best in Industry Wind Performance with no External Clamps
8.  Panel and Clips Covered by Patents
9.  Lower Manufacturing Start-up and Inventory Costs than Other Systems
10.  Same coil width produces all seaming options – less inventory
11.  BRS does NOT Compete with Licensees
12.  BRS Profits Only with the Success and Growth of our Licensees
13.  No Lineal Foot or Royalty Charge for Production
14.  Licensee Only Pays a ONE Time Fee for License -No relicensing update fees
15.  Flexible Payment Terms for License
16.  Alpha /Ascension licensing programs for immediate market entry
17.  BRS Technical Support is Ongoing
18.  New Products and Existing Product Improvements
19.  Largest number of clip options within the industry
20.  High Capacity Rake plates allowing up to 7” of travel along with meeting stricter edge/corner zones
21.  Quality Control Program Available
22.  Panel line check gauges “dog bones” to quick check set ups for design accuracy
23.  Installation Guide and Product Sales Brochure Completely Adaptable to Licensees Names and Message
24.  Use of BRS Roll-Lok®, TripleLok®, QuadLok®, TS-324® and PanelCraft™ , Superior Seam Technology™ (SST)  Trademark Names are Available Under a Separate, No Fee License, Defining Acceptable Trademark Usage
25.  Approved Seamer Source with Continuing Product Improvement Support
26.  AutoCAD Architectural Details, Product Application Guide, Engineering & Test Data, Product Specifications & Technical Bulletins
27.  BRS proprietary Superior Seam Technology™-SST of design excellence
28.  BRS ongoing commitment to innovation, improvement and continuing pursuit of industry excellence in roof system innovational performance in design