License Program


The licensing of roof systems by a manufacturer does not end BRS’s involvement in the product or the licensee. BRS provides ongoing support for each of its licensees to guarantee they have every opportunity to be successful in providing superior roof systems to their customers.

BRS does not manufacturer or sell any of the products they license to manufacturers.  BRS is not a competitor to their licensees! BRS is a product development company that maintains current products and develops new products for the metal construction industry. BRS’s success and growth is tied to the growth and success of our licensees.

BRS has 30 plus licensees, producing panels in roughly 45 plants throughout the US and Canada. Fifteen of the licensees have licensed both of BRS’s standing seam roof systems; in all BRS has more than 45 licensed products in the USA, Canada and China.

Single Payment Lifetime Fee

Building Research Systems, Inc (BRS) utilizing Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) has developed the two benchmark Structural Standing Seam Roofing Systems offered in the metal roofing industry for licensing. BRS has created the most technological advanced structural mechanically seamed roofing systems in the 3” x 24” Trapezoidal (TS324®) and Architectural pan panel 2” x 16/18” (PanelCraft™216/218) vertical rib including the largest diverse roof system clip options and most cutting-edge perimeter technology in the industry to handle any design challenge. 

BRS has conceived a program in conjunction with the Stand-Alone License that improves your company’s ability to enter into the Standing Seam Roofing Systems marketplace with either industry leading roof system including supplying the licensed roof system(s) in as little 45-60 days. The program provides an affordable avenue to market, sell, and supply the highest performing standing seam roofing systems to your customers  - without the need to have a rolling mill or inventory coil stock on hand. 

The Alpha/Ascension program requires the signing of a unique secondary license addendum at no additional cost to participate. The program allows a new license holder the opportunity to have near instant market participation without the typical costs of bringing a new panel offering to the marketplace. The Alpha/Ascension program participation provides time and opportunity for strategic capital expenditure planning by the ownership. 

The BRS license fee is $185,000.00 due at the time of agreement signing for the first industry benchmark roof system profile. However, if a new licensee wishes to license both premier profiles, the second license can be purchased for an additional $92,500.00 also due at signing. No state or local fees or taxes (if applicable) are included or applied to the license fee amounts shown.

Included in the license purchase is roof system(s) testing with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM) which have been conducted so a licensee may have little cost to become listed with those agencies.

All roof system(s) ASTM Test Report and Load Span Tables are provided with the BRS Technology Transfer after license purchase. The Tech Transfer includes the technical- know- how to produce, market, sell and supply the roof system(s). The license purchase includes the latest “Core Four” technical guides : Product Application, Product Installation, Architectural Generic Details and Order Procedures as well as a Selling and Marketing guide with BRS in person training for 1-2 days at your location.

Standing Seam Program

The cost of a standing seam panel line is between $985,000.00 and $1,400,000.00, not including the cost to add space to your plant and install the panel line at your facility. To defer this cost until you have a good backlog of standing seam roof sales, BRS has obtained agreements with several existing licensees to sell BRS standing seam panels to new licensees at a cost of material plus 25%, providing you furnish a cut list of panels and the roof does not have to be detailed.

BRS has developed a seaming program with a well-known seamer manufacturer to rent seamers through you to your customers so you will not have to incur the cost of the seamer and the cost to maintain them. 

For as little as $85,000.00 in up front costs you will get the following:

  • Ability to start selling your own uniquely branded standing seam roof in approximately 30 to 60 days.
  • Receive great margins that would not be possible if purchasing from component suppliers.
  • As your volume increases, your license will pay for itself.
  • Profit and backlog of sales will increase with the purchase of a panel line.

BRS believes they provide the best value and manufacture friendly standing seam roof system license program in the industry.