As a product development company BRS elected to license the new standing seam roof system technology. A license package was developed that includes installation instructions, product application information, QC program, testing including FM, UL, ASTM, Florida high wind and various other tests at major universities. BRS invested in tooling to produce clips accessory parts requiring tooling and designed a seamer and various tools to install and seam the TripleLok® and QuadLok® seams.

By licensing the technology and products for these tested, superior systems to first-rate manufacturers across the globe, BRS promotes excellence in every roof installed. Along with technology and products, BRS also provides ongoing support for every licensee to deliver the highest quality products with superior performance properties to every customer.

The result of BRS development is that a manufacturer with a market of one million square feet or standing roof can profitably introduce and manufacturer a standing seam that will outperform existing roof systems (not licensed by BRS) within 90 days of signing a license agreement.