PC Seaming Tools

Seaming Tools

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BRS believes seam and module clamps are very helpful tools that are beneficial in many ways. We recommend using such clamps on all our roofs, and we encourage our customers to get their clamps from Quality Roof Seamers (QRS). QRS recognizes the opportunity to service their customers with helpful tools to aid in the seaming process. QRS offers 3 different style clamps.

seam-clamp1.jpgSeam Clamp

This universal clamp can be used on most standing seam roof panels. The clamp is used to pull the male and female legs together. It is also beneficial when used at the endlap to assist the tape sealant to flow nicely at the seam.

PC-Module-Clamp.jpgPC Module Clamp

This specific clamp is to be used on a 2” architectural roof panel. The clamp pulls the two pans together to assist in keeping or getting the roof on module as well as keeping the panel from flaring.

These clamps can be purchased or rented and accompany the rented seamer. QRS is the only compliant seamer supplier for the BRS roof systems at this time. We are confident in the ability and quality of QRS’s products.

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