About Us

Building Research Systems, Inc (BRS) A Product Development Company  

BRS saw a need to focus our developmental efforts using proprietary Superior Seam Technology® (SST) designing, developing, testing and deploying roofing innovations to replace the outdated existing metal products tied to antiquated 21st century technology associated with existing roofing products. The new technology to meet the latest structural and functional demands of the everchanging design community and construction code requirements including:

  • Wind zone loads that are third party tested for superior edge corner zones capabilities
  • Third party documented uplift, air/water testing performance requirements which both systems exceed due to their industry leading design
  • Over thirty-three (33) different clip options available for our two standing seam roofing systems to allow flexibility of design including meeting more restrictive insulation code requirements.
  • New building codes, increasing the roof performance under wind and water.
  • Improved installation efficiencies utilizing specialty module clamps to hold panel alignment on ultra-long roof runs with multiple panel splices
  • The ability to perform on extremely larger roofs requiring longer panel run demanding greater clip movement using our patented High Capacity Rake Plates with up to 7” of travel when used in conjunction with our  8”, 12” or 16” patented wind clips.

BRS product development using proprietary Superior Seam Technology® (SST) resulting in the design of two unique standing seam roofing systems featuring patented mechanical side lap joinery called TripleLok® and QuadLok®.  Both seams are third party tested that outperform the outdated Double Lock standing seams roofing systems developed in the 1970’s  and early 1980’s.

These patented seams have become the industry standard which all other systems are being judged for performance, uplift, weathertightness and longevity when properly installed. The TripleLok® and QuadLok® seams have been incorporated in the two BRS Superior Seam Technology® standing seam roof systems introduced to the metal roofing market through licenses to thirty -four (34) licensees across the United States, Canada and one in China. These industry benchmark innovations are incorporated into both roofing systems offered by BRS for licensing.  The first is a 2” vertical architectural panel system called PanelCraft™  16” or 18” wide pan. TS324™ is the second standing seam roofing system sets the industry benchmark for 3” trapezoidal mechanically seam roofing systems with its 24” wide panel coverage.

BRS Company Mission Statement : BRS Designs, Develops, Tests and Deploys technological innovations for metal roofing systems, accessories and products to grow licensee’s businesses utilizing proprietary Superior Seam Technology™-SST while providing world class sales and technical support.

Designing and developing innovations for tomorrow’s roofing systems - TODAY!