BRS compliant seamer company, Quality Roof Seamers (QRS).

Quality Roof Seamers (QRS)


BRS and Quality Roof Seamers (QRS) are working together to ensure BRS panels are seamed properly and therefore performing to its highest capabilities. BRS’s involvement in the design of QRS seamers is important as the seam plays such a crucial role in the performance of the roof system. Without this cooperation and teamwork, it would be difficult to manufacture a machine to uphold our high standards. BRS is confident in the relationship we have built with QRS, spending over a year collaborating together to not only provide the best seamers in the industry, but providing unparalleled customer service to our Licensees. BRS will continue this working relationship with QRS to reassure our Licensees have the best roof system in the industry.

Through extensive technical collaboration, QRS created seamers that have a unique way of forming the panel seam that allows for a wider range of seam tolerances, resulting in fewer problems on the jobsite. Not only does it seam the panels faster, but it minimizes damage to a painted surface. Internal integrity of the seam is maintained to assure that it is formed properly inside and out for structural performance by keeping the female hook engaged over the clip and male leg. 

QRS offers two seamers, the Single direction one pass seamer (QRS’s newest addition) for QuadLok® and the Bi-Directional for TripleLok®designed specifically for BRS panels. Both seamers are capable of seaming the long WindClips so effectively that there is virtually no lag over each clip. By seaming the panels twice as fast, at approximately 40 feet a minute, we have eliminated the need for a second machine or rotating a seamer. Both, the Single direction and Bi-Directional seamers are comparable in weight to other seamers in the industry.

Single Direction Single Pass for QuadLok

Bi-Directional Seamer for TripleLok

With comparable rental rates, Licensees will be billed working days only with no extra fee for hand crimpers and no charge for closed holidays. Since all machines are built in-house, QRS has adequate inventory that allows for quick turn-around service to all Licensees. QRS will offer same day shipping for all orders placed before noon with no extra fee.