Product Improvements

Product Improvements Keep Products Up to Date

  • BRS using Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) is continuously improving the products due to ever changing construction codes and stricter testing requirements. These roofing system changes are passed on to the licensees as they become available.
  • Testing program participation is offered to licensees so they can spread the costs of the testing among more than one licensee. More collective licensee test participants, the lower the overall final test costs for those that opted to authorize the testing.

New Products Offered to Licensees

  • BRS is continuously developing new products which are offered to licensees with many of these innovations will not only set the industry benchmarks for performance but give an advantage to license holders over their market competitors.
  • Some new innovative product developments are offered at little or no cost.
  • When extensive development costs are involved, licensees are offered the option to participate in the development which will allow the overall reduced final cost for all participants.

Installation Manual and Sales Brochure Completely Adaptable to Licensee’s Brand and Message

  • BRS will help licensee modify the installation manual to include modifications to the installation instructions and the addition of Licensee’s product names and/or logo to each page if required.
  • BRS will modify the standard brochure to include a unique message as required by each individual license.
  • Brochure offered to Licensees for a nominal fee plus actual printing cost.

Installation Training Programs

  • BRS will assist licensee in preparing an installation training session for licensees’employees, customers or dealers.
    BRS has fully vetted individual for onsite fee-based product training seminars and/or schools for licensee personnel or for certified installer weather-tightness warranty roofing programs

License Life Not Restricted to Years of Production

  • BRS license has no expiration date for duration for the years a licensee offers the product for sale. There is no “sunset” date of expiration or an arbitrary number of years the license is in effect.
  • The licensee must fulfill their obligation under the license agreement for the license will remain in effect. The purchased license is considered an asset and is fully transferrable to a new owner in the event of a company sale. The new ownership will be required to sign an updated license agreement after the acquisition transaction is completed to keep the license current.

Use of Trademark Names

  • Licensee will have right to use the BRS trademarks RollLok®, TripleLok®, QuadLok®,
    TS-324™, and PanelCraft, provided they adhere to the instructions on the use of the trademarks.
    The licensee will have the right to use the Superior Seam Technology™-SST trademarked logo for all their sales, marketing, invoicing and packaging actions. The license holder must adhere to the use of trademark instructions to protect the brand.