Quality Control Program

BRS Quality Control Program

The arrival of the IAS472 Accreditation program for manufacturers has placed heavy emphasis on Quality Control protocols and programs for metal building systems. BRS developed Quality Control evaluations at the request of numerous license holders pursuing IAS472 accreditation and others wanting to improve their internal Quality Control programs. An intensive Quality Control Program for our roof panels was developed for licensees that want to utilize the fee-based evaluation for their IAS472 accreditation procedures and/or those license holders which simply sought to hold themselves to higher QC panel production standards. The focus of this ongoing licensee QC program is to assure participants they are producing the finest run panel profile their rolling mill can manufacture and assist in monitoring excessive tooling wear. This inexpensive Quality Control Program is very comprehensive and rigorous by design. However, the tiered investigative levels of review by BRS allows licensee flexibility in selecting their degree of diagnostic measures tailored to their specific program needs.

A participating licensee is required to provide BRS some specific information when enrolling in the fee-based Quality Control Program. First, the participant will be obligated to provide BRS their tooling documentation from their roll forming manufacturer including pass settings, over-bend locations , etc. (Please contact your roll form manufacturer to ensure the latest correct drawings and information is being submitted.) Second, all pertinent contact information for the designated QC leadership personnel including their name(s), cell, direct, and main phone numbers, email address, and mailing address. Finally, the frequency desired for the Quality Control evaluation(s) selecting whether monthly, quarterly , bi-annual, or annually. In conjunction with this information, the licensee will be required to have a profile specific panel check gauge stationed at the panel line manufacturing location for an internal quick pre-production set up quality control compliance verification. 

If the licensee has misplaced or lost their panel specific profile check gauge, BRS has these instruments available for purchase. These standard “go or no go” devices are available with either single or dual surface engraved tolerance texts for easy reading. Third party individually numbered certified IAS472 gauges are available for an added upcharge along with increased lead time due to the required independent certification process. These gauges cost $ 215.00 each for single engraved surface (in stock) and $ 315.00 each for dual etched surface (additional lead time required). The third-party certification process adds 4-6 weeks for availability and costs an additional $175.00 per gauge whether single or dual engraved surface text piece. BRS will include instructions for proper gauge use and a panel check gauge drawing when purchased. However, the use instructions and panel check gauge drawing should be included within your company’s  Quality Control manual as reference for in facility inspections.


BRS Offers the Highest Level of Quality Control Measurement Taking:

Optical Comparator: This is the most accurate measurement method option but requires more labor and is extra time intensive to complete. A test specimen sample must be carefully cut and prepared from the received donor panel to be placed in the optical comparator before an evaluation investigation can be conducted.

BRS accepts two (2) different sample panel lengths for Quality Control Checks. ( Note: Each submission must include a 1’-0” blank coil sample utilized to manufacture the test panel.)

1.) 3’-0” +/- panel sample cut from the center of a 10’-0” donor panel

2.) 10’-0” Full panel sample with end notching and punching (if production mill is equipped for panel end punching)

The BRS Q.C. program will evaluate many or all of the following*:

1. Male side panel profile to include element lengths, angles, and radii.
2. Female side panel profile to include element lengths, angles, and radii.
3. Notches (proper size and location)
4. Factory punched hole locations at each end (this addresses tracking issues).
5. Rib Sealant location and volume
6. Rib Sealant start/stop verification
7. Panel Coverage
8. Panel profile evaluation 
*Evaluated areas will depend on panel sample received.

The BRS Q.C. program will provide the following:

• Detailed Comprehensive Report including:
- Data of report, including the date of sample panel arrival
- Data sheet with seam critical male and female element lengths, angles, and radii
- Panel sample arrival photographs - ONLY REQUIRED IF ARRIVES DAMAGED IN TRANSIT
- Panel sample photographs with QC panel check gauge on sample received
- Panel sample photographs of profile evaluation 
- Any general notes/observations of the sample received during evaluation

• Friendly reminder of next upcoming QC check based on established licensee schedule

• Second follow up report following line modifications to address any out of specification issues 
(second corrected panel sample must be received by BRS within 15 business days after first report submission)

The BRS Q.C. program excludes the following:

• Panel Finish issues
• Oil Canning
• Ski, Dive, Twist, etc.
• Crating & Packaging
• Seamer Management & Adjustments