BRS TS324 panel

TS - 324 Module Clamp Kit

TS Module Clamp Kit

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TS Module Clamp Tech Bulletin

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One of the main problems with installing and seaming any trapezoidal roof system has been the difficulty of holding the panels accurately on module. There have been numerous devices that erectors have used in an attempt to keep a trapezoidal roof panel on module, but none of them have been very effective. BRS has designed a groundbreaking ModuleClmp and Alignment Bar, which will ensure that the panel and clips are installed properly on module. 


The patent pending ModuleClmp locks the panel corrugation into the design dimension, even if the panel was slightly deformed during shipment or other facets of installation that may cause the panel corrugation to spread or contract. The Alignment Bar locks into the ModuleClmp and holds the clip and the panel leading edge on module until the clip fasteners are installed. The ModuleClmp and Alignment Bar are used during panel installation, but the ModuleClmp can also be used to assist in seaming of a roof that has been installed out of module.

On Module

We have tested the ModuleClmp and Alignment Bar on several roof mockups and it does an exceptional job of forcing the panel on module, compared to the existing gauges that only try to hold the top of the panel seam on module. The ModuleClmp is extremely easy to use and will replace the pre-drilling of the clip fastener holes in purlins. 


The ModuleClmp (seen in picture) is forcing the panel corrugation into the design dimension, and the Alignment Bar, which is connected to the ModuleClmp in place over a panel clip, is holding the panel leading edge and panel clip vertical at the exact on module position.

curved panelsMany times panel corrugations are deflected out of dimension by shipping and handling, making it difficult to hold the panel width module during installation.

Recommended use of the ModuleClmp and Alignment Bar during roof panel installation

After the first two runs of panels are installed, but prior to the installation of the next run of panel clips, place the ModuleClmp over the panel corrugation at the eave, end lap and ridge of a two panel run, or on the second end lap if the roof run has more than one end lap.

Place the Alignment Bar on the ModuleClmp and over the panel at the eave, and the clip at the end laps and ridge.

Install fasteners in the panel pan at eave and clips at the end lap and ridge. Then install the remaining panel clips. Remove the Alignment Bar and install the next panel run.

After the next panel run is rolled in place, remove the ModuleClmp and replace it in the same location, over the just installed panel seam, then place the alignment bar over the panel and clip, at the panel leading edge.

Repeat this process as the remaining roof panel runs are placed. 

On roofs with panels or insulation systems that are extremely out of module, more than three ModuleClmps may be required. It may also be necessary to leave the ModuleClmps on the previously installed panel run when placing the ModuleClmps on the next panel runs.

Use of the ModuleClmp to seam a roof that has been installed out of module.

If the roof panels are installed out of module, seaming becomes increasingly difficult because the portions to be seamed are not in proper alignment. The ModuleClmp is ideally suited to pull the seam portions of the panel corrugation into proper alignment, ahead of the seamer. 

Module Clip

This image shows the ModuleClmp locking the panel and clip in their proper alignment.

We believe this tool will improve the installation of the TS-324 roof system and minimize seaming problems by accurately holding the panel on module. We suggest you include a minimum of three module tools in each TS-324 roof shipment and offer a refund if the tools are returned at the end of the roof installation.