"The absolute leader in the design of Standing Seam roof's in the industry."
Stephen Shearer, P.E.
LMK Building Designs, Inc.

“Based on my engineering knowledge and four (4) decades plus of experience in the metal building industry, I consider the BRS developed standing seam roof systems to be most complete from both a technical and, most importantly, performance perspective.  Furthermore, the BRS team remains actively and intimately involved in staying current with evolving building code and design specification trends and requirements.”
Stephen J. Reiners, P.E., S.E., SECB, M.NSPE, M.ASCE, M.AWS, EMT
Technical Director

"I have been working with BRS for nearly 20 years and I cannot say enough good things regarding this company and the business partnership that both businesses entered into. 

 Far too many “experts” give advice while never actually trying it themselves.  That’s why BRS is top of their class.  They never talk about things that they THINK will work. 

They only talk about things that they’ve tried and tested, so they KNOW it works."

Robert Baker  President/CEO – LSI Group, Inc

"Rigid Global Buildings has been a long time customer of BRS.  Over the years we have received excellent customer service and top quality engineered products.  We are pleased to have a great working relationship with the BRS Team."

John Long, PE
Rigid Global Buildings
V.P. of Engineering & IT

"Building Research Systems (BRS) provides excellent technical assistance in the production sustainability and UL Certification maintenance of BRS Clips and Accessories to Excel Stamping and Manufactuing, Inc. (one of only two approved suppliers for clips and accessories for the BRS TS-324 panel and PanelCraft panel roof systems). Their marketing support of a superior product makes doing business with them easy and enjoyable.

Freddie Yaggi
Excel Stamping and Manufacturing, Inc.

"Quality Roof Seamers (QRS) relationship with Building Research Systems, Inc (BRS) began in 2010 with the commitment to have the finest mechanical panel seamers available to the metal standing seam roofing industry. After 2 years of time invested along countless hours of development and testing, QRS was proud to offer the highest performing mechanical seamers for rental or purchase to the SSR community.  In conjunction with BRS ongoing pursuit of excellence in-place design performance, QRS is currently an integral part of industry seamer technology advancement. Together with QRS 's years of practical field experience along with the ongoing technological advancements with BRS, this ongoing collaboration has resulted in QRS becoming the pinnacle of field seaming technology performance for industry especially BRS panel profiles."

Robert Lytle
Quality Roof Seamers

Having installed standing seam roofing products for over 30 years, BRS roofing products are our preferred choice of roofing materials.  The simplicity of installation allows us the ability to move our labor force from project to project quickly and efficiently.

Our call backs or post installation issues are nonexistent with these standing seam roofing systems. We recommend BRS roofing product on any design build projects we are involved with.

Danny Richardson, P.M.
Titan Construction