BRS TS324 panel

TS-324 High Capacity Rake/Eave Plate

Rake Eave Plate


The Superior Seam Technology® (SST) by BRS has come to represent forward thinking through the continuing improvements and innovations of the premier metal standing seam roofing systems for its licensees. The BRS Design and Engineering Group’s incessant desire to improve the industry leading SST standing seam roof systems has led to yet another benchmark performance enhancement with the innovation of the patented High Capacity Rake and Eave plates. These improvements are critical due to the upcoming more stringent ASCE 7 edge/corner zone uplift performance requirements for all standing seam roof systems. These engineered parts were developed with the new MCA inspired edge metal testing protocol in mind and coupled with the need for a longer travel slide to match the BA series wind clip capability for thermal expansion and contraction. These SST complementary parts provide a fully patented standing seam roofing system which out performs all other systems on the market today.

Benefits at a Glance

1. High Capacity Rake and Eave Plate designs for the critical edge/corner zones test to be significantly  stronger and provide more diaphragm stiffness than current rake and eave plate designs in service even with the longer slots. The serviceability performance (movement for thermal expansion) is lost at the BRS deemed failure in lieu of total part failure which can result in roof loss based on the currently utilized industry standard parts at the critical edge/corner zones. The unique clamping design of the retainer part allows the roof to remain intact in lieu of current configurations that may allow catastrophic roof loss at failure.

2. The availability of the new parts various part heights works with the current 1/2” and 1-1/2” standard clips as well as the increased standoff clip heights of 2”, 2-1/2”and  3”. These parts will work well with new or retrofit roof applications which utilize the taller standoff clips in their construction design.

3. High Capacity Rake/Eave plate parts are formed using 16-gauge G-90 galvanized steel construction for  durability and maximum performance for panel and/or trim attachments.

4. Extended horizontal 2” top/bottom leg flanges on both the rake and eave plate parts provide an ample stable attachment contact surface for the installer assuring a weather-tight seal along with superior uplift performance when installed correctly with the proper sealants and fasteners. This allows individual SST members freedom for their own specific or unique trim design.

5. Pre-punched High Capacity Rake plates have 3/8” X 8-1/4” slots on 18” centers down the 10’-0” length  of the part. These slots allow quick attachment using the factory preassembled seven (7) rake plate retainers using two ¼-14 clip fasteners per retainer. The RP retainer parts are field aligned with a factory scribed guide line indicating the center point of each slot for proper attachment. 

6. An instructional decal is permanently adhered to one end of the rake part for field installation directions, assuring the installer proper procedures for correct RP retainer part location/attachment.

7. The unique slot/retainer part design of the High Capacity Rake plate allows for maximum thermal expansion contraction slide travel of up to 7” overall when used with the proper length patented SST BRS BA Series Wind Clips. 

8. All High Capacity Eave plates are pre-punched with 1/4” round fastener attachment holes at 6” on center down the full length of the part. The pre-punched round holes aid in the installation of the 16-gauge galvanized part for simplification of install and proper fastener location.  These pre-punched holes assure all parties maximum uplift performance when the correct fasteners are properly installed during erection.

9. All parts are supplied in convenient ten foot (10’-0) lengths for ease of jobsite handling and quicker field installations.

10. The part designs are independent laboratory third party tested for performance with assigned design values. The forward thinking design will meet or exceed the more stringent anticipated ASCE 7 corner/edge zone uplift loads for all metal standing seam roof systems that will shortly be imposed.  The part testing also assures that it will not be the weak link in the upcoming MCA inspired edge metal test protocol. 

11. Supports architects, specification writers, and owners’ requirements for thicker fiberglass blanket insulation systems for ever increasing green design higher “R” and lower “U” values mandated code needs. The Superior Seam Technology Standoff Clips when used with the corresponding matching height, High Capacity Rake/eave plate designs have been laboratory mock up tested up to 18” of layered fiberglass blanket insulation. Check with your fiberglass blanket insulation supplier for product density and compressibility for the specific project. 

12. The need for dual attachment fastener inventory will be eliminated since both panel clips and the high capacity rake/eave plate design uses the same ¼-14 panel clip screws for connecting to the structural support system. The elimination of shoulder fasteners removes the possibility of them being installed in the wrong location.

13. The pre-punched eave plate holes as well as the factory pre-assembled rake plate including the retainer parts placed into the slots make for a quicker installation and erector friendly experience for proper fastener placement.