RP-038 and RP-138 Parts Move Toward Retirement

As mentioned in our November 5, 2019 “New and Improved” blog, the “old style” existing RP-038 and RP-138 slotted rake/eave plate parts will be retired effective December 31, 2020. The increasing demand for roof systems to be able to meet stricter performance criterion of  ASCE 7-16 and IBC 2018 edge/corner zones for metal roofing has made the Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) patented High Capacity Universal Rake Plate and the High Capacity Starter Rake the specification writers top selection for these crucial areas. These parts were specifically designed, developed, and independently tested to provide superior performance values to assist design professionals in their project calculations for the stricter edge/corner zone uplift codes which are being implemented throughout the country. BRS will be moving later this year to amend our endorsed starter details from clips to the High Capacity Starter Rake/ Universal Rake Plate. These edge/corner zone performance parts have set the future benchmarks for these critical areas throughout the standing seam metal roofing industry. These forward-thinking SST® designed parts are currently available from Logan Stampings for all license holders. These components are designed to be interchangeable for use whether the roof system is the vertical rib Panel Craft 216/218 or the trapezoidal TS-324® panel profile.  

Quarterly Step Price increase
The demand for the RP-038 and RP-138 slotted rake/eave plates continues to rapidly fall as predicted in favor of these industry changing patented High Capacity parts due to their superior performance and ability to meet the everchanging challenges of stricter edge/corner zone pressures. The accelerated decline in these “old style’ parts has resulted in smaller limited production runs which makes all these parts more expensive to produce. As previously mentioned, it is time to announce the next quarterly step price increase adjustment. Please be aware an additional quarterly step price adjustment will occur early in the fourth quarter 2020 as the RP-038 and RP-138 parts continue to move closer to their final retirement. 

Therefore, the quarterly step 8% price increase for these slotted rake parts will occur on all orders placed on or after July 24, 2020 then shipped later than July 31, 2020.