BRS To Attend METALCON 2019

Building Research Systems, Inc (BRS) would like to meet you in Pittsburg, PA October 16-18, 2019 at METALCON. We will be visiting with all licensees, strategic partners and/or their representatives throughout the event.

Our official base location at METALCON will be booth #1834 along with one of our strategic partners - Quality Roof Seamers, Inc. However, BRS personnel will also be visiting other strategic partners booths such as Logan Stamping, Inc at booth #846 and Excel Stamping Manufacturing, Inc at booth #1535 during the event. 

BRS personnel attending this year’s event will be company COO, Ted  Neyer; President, Cody Rodden and VP of Engineering and Product Development, Richard Starks. All attendees are eager to meet with any licensee and/or prospect for a group or one on one session. If you plan on attending or wish to meet with any/all these BRS representatives, please contact the BRS office at 405-607-8877 to schedule the date and time. However, if it is more convenient, please email to schedule a date and time to meet during the event.
We look forward to meeting you at METALCON 2019 in Pittsburg, PA.