Panel Product Quality Control Checks at your Fingertips

Building Research Systems, Inc. (BRS) responds to requested improvements by using Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) to redesign panel profile quality control check gauges.

Building Research Systems, Inc. (BRS) responds to requested improvements by using Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) to redesign panel profile quality control check gauges. Placing and using a specialized panel quality control check gauge at license holder fingertips is important for the consistent production of high-quality specification compliant panel profiles. BRS heard this important request in 2008 and responded to license holders with the first version of check gauges. BRS used observations and licensee feedback including several manufacturing group’s input to revamp the TS-324 panel check gauge once again. The redesigned check gauge modifications include an additional two (2) areas of the panel profile assessments to allow easier plant quality control manufacturing panel inspections. The latest TS-324 v2 check gauge edition is dimensionally thicker featuring an elongated foot and elements to verify two (2) additional angles including etched profile tolerance text on one surface. Each gauge modification assists in providing more accurate specification compliance measurement verifications of the TS-324 panel profile at production line startup to validate profile compliance prior to proceeding to full job order manufacturing. 


BRS License holders have this unique tool available at their disposal for a front-line opportunity to confirm panel profile compliance using a profile specific panel check gauge. These panel check gauges are uniquely designed to check sensitive elements of the panel profile. The gauge is placed on various parts of the panel profile to assure tolerances, element lengths, radii, and angles. The gauge surface features lasered text element tolerances allowing for quick production line checks for a “go or no go” decision whether the panels are in specification or requires tooling adjustment to return the profile to design compliance prior to manufacturing. BRS has developed panel profile check gauges for Panel Craft 216/218™ for both first- and second-generation license holders. (Only a limited number of first generation PC216/218 panel profile check gauges are left in stock that are available for purchase.) BRS has created TS-324 panel profile check gauges to provide quality control panel production line opportunities for licensees. These unique panel check gauges have proven to be an inexpensive risk reduction QC tool for the identification and/or prevention of producing out of compliance panels.

The ability to consistently produce superior standing seam metal panels to exacting profile specifications for maximum performance requires active quality control procedures and protocols. BRS recognized this ongoing need for panel quality control monitoring when we established our fee based in lab Quality Control Program. This QC package features a comprehensive panel inspection review process using an optical comparator to verify all panel design elements: male/female seam element lengths, angles, radii with general notes and observations for out of compliance issues along with detailed notes of any issues needing attention in a written finding report including photos. The election to participate in this fee based BRS lab facility panel check QC program assures both the licensee and their customers the panels are manufactured to accurate design specifications for superior in place performance.

Both generations of the PC 216/218 and the second generation TS-324 v2 panel check gauges are etched on one single surface with element tolerance text. These single surface etched second-generation profile check gauges are immediately available for purchase from BRS for $215.00 each in either the PC216/218 or TS-324 v2 configuration. Both panel check gauges are available with dual surface etched tolerance texts for an additional $100.00 each etching charge (total $315.00 each) and an additional 3–4-week processing time before shipping. BRS can provide an individually numbered certified IAS 472 panel check gauge for either profile for an additional fee of $175.00 per gauge. The required independent certification process of these IAS 472 check gauges will take an additional 4-6 weeks to process.  The IAS 472 certified single etched surface tolerance text gauge with an individual control number will cost $390.00 each and a dual etched surface certified gauge will cost $490.00 each. Please allow the added time required for dual etched surfaces and/or IAS AC472 certification processing if ordered. Contact the BRS office should you wish to have your own latest version QC tool inline panel check gauge at your manufacturing personnel fingertips reach.