Measure Twice, Cut Once

Many of you have heard or used the adage or saying, “Measure Twice, Cut Once”. This has been mostly applied to cutting lumber or timber dating back to the 1500’s.

However, this saying has taken on a current real meaningful application for a few BRS Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) license holders. The focus of the saying is to fully verify the item before accepting it is correctly cut or produced.

Building Research Systems, Inc (BRS) believes this old statement or proverb is an important general truth to all licensees still today. Especially when ordering upgraded/new tooling or simply having current mill line tooling re-chromed or resurfaced/retraced to extend the life of the forming rolls. Recently, BRS conducted quality control checks from different license holders which upgraded, replaced or purchased new tooling. However, none of these license holders requested BRS personnel to inspect or review the new or resurfaced/retraced tooling for their rolling mills. All were disappointed with their decision after a BRS in-lab quality control check revealed panel forming issues. These complications could have been addressed within the respective tooling vendors facility BEFORE the difficulties were discovered after their in-plant installation. (To see an actual QC sample report -click here) At least one licensee experienced a multi-week delay in getting the tooling issues corrected. The time delay problem was due in part to logistical obstacles associated with the geographical distances between the manufacturing provider(s) and the license holders’ location.  

As a service to our license holders, BRS will travel to the location of their selected tooling manufacturer to conduct a tooling review. This low-cost licensee benefit is strongly recommended to be conducted PRIOR to the new or reconditioned rollers being shipped to the commissioning company’s location.  The investment in this license holder benefit tooling review cost should be considered necessary since all manufacturer’s stands and shafts are unique to each mill whether new or old.  Therefore, a proper in facility tool manufacturing review is critical to assure the new panels are produced per design specifications.  BRS DOES NOT charge a fee for our reviewer’s time nor are there set daily rate fees associated with this Quality Control tooling analysis. This Quality Control Tooling Review option bills only for travel expenses including, but not limited to airfare, car rental, lodging, meals, fuel, parking and ancillary costs (if any) assuring the parts are correct and up to design specifications. These expenses are a bargain for having experienced BRS “boots and eyes” observation personnel on the ground at the manufacturing facility to confirm strict tooling compliance for correctness of design.

We strongly recommend the licensee has a BRS analyst in their plant when the tooling is installed on their existing mill to assure the tooling is set to correct tolerance requirements. There are differences in the stands and shafts on a tooling manufacturer test bed that may affect the final setup at the commissioning license holder’s facility. Idle BRS personnel observation time can be utilized during this facility visit to discuss/review topics of the panel system or address additional training.  The cost for this onsite service is the same as the review at the tooling manufacturer. This secondary BRS Quality Control Tooling Review option bills only for travel expenses including, but not limited to airfare, car rental, lodging, meals, fuel, parking and ancillary costs (if any) assuring the parts are correct and up to design specifications.

These simple BRS tooling review options have the potential to save all parties monies and frustration by “measuring twice then cut once” BEFORE the upgraded or recut tooling leaves the manufacturers plant.

BRS offers an in-depth lab panel inspection quality control program to all SST license holders. Many licensees utilize this service based on numerous factors including AC 472 accreditation internal quality control documentation, equipment performance concerns, line operation adherence and verification of continuity of panel design specifications for their own marketing/sales publication materials. This Quality Control program is offered on a per panel inspection fee which may be done monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. This program is fee based, so please contact BRS for the cost schedules and product sample requirements of the in-lab panel review(s).