BRS Tall Clip Project

BRS has recognized for sometime the need for a taller clip that allowed for more insulation since energy awareness has changed for our roof system.

We have spent much of this year on this project. From design to prototypes to tooling and testing, there are many steps that go into developing a new product. BRS researches the market to assure our products will maintain the integrity of our roof system and outperform others that are on the market. We take the time to make adjustments necessary to utilize material and strength. BRS is happy to release the new Tall Clip for our trapezoidal TS324 roof system, MPS 607, MPS 608 and MPS 609.

The standard MPS clip will now be available in 3 additional height standoffs, 2", 2 ½" and 3". The increased height will allow for more insulation (up to 18" when using the 3" stand-off clip), increasing the R value and thermal performance of the roof system.

• Designed to allow for increased insulation thickness

• Full length reinforced side shelves to help prevent buckling

• Small stiffening ridges to strengthen tab

• Same uplift performance as standard BRS clips

• Can be used for retrofit

The new taller clips can also be used for retrofit jobs over screw down roof panels, allowing licensees access to a new marketplace with a more economical method than other retrofit solutions. The taller clip is installed the same way as the standard clip that everyone is already familiar with; and is available from Logan Stamping with all other metal roof clips and accessories.

As always, keeping roof panel modularity is extremely important. The increased height of the taller clip can cause concern regarding consistent modularity. This is why BRS recommends the use of our module clamp, alignment bar and new t-bar system. Using this modular kit helps prevent the panels from rolling and can keep or bring back the roof to proper module spacing. (Picture: BRS's 40’x16’ outdoor installation fixture to install a 12’ x 25’ mock up).

These clips were tested to verify their performance was no different than our standard existing clip. An ASTM 1592 test confirmed that the increased height did not hinder uplift performance. Standard uplift design loads can be used for the new taller clips. No additional testing was needed since the performance did not change.

BRS strived to stay competitive with competitors clip pricing but still tried to recoup our investment. BRS invested in new tooling and testing on top of our time of development. The clip will be amortized over time based on the amount of clips purchased. Once the threshold has been met the cost of the clips shall go down. This fee structure is more beneficial to the licensees allowing them to pay it out over time only when they use this clip. Even with this fee we have still remained competitive while providing a higher quality and more versatile clip.

Contact BRS for an sample package. Submit orders to Logan Stampings, the approved manufacturer of these clips.