2020 What a Year!

Wow, what a year! December is typically a joyous month of reflection and remembrance of the nearly completed year punctuated by the celebration of the Christmas Season celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Wow, what a year! December is typically a joyous month of reflection and remembrance of the nearly completed year punctuated by the celebration of the Christmas Season celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. However, this year, the remembrances take on a complete and sometimes painful or somber meaning of lost loved ones to the vicious Covid-19 worldwide pandemic virus. Our sympathies, thoughts and prayers go out to all the BRS licensees, strategic partners and associates that have unfortunately experienced the tragic loss of a loved one(s) or personally suffered the effects of the virus in 2020.
Even in tragedy there are rays of hope for a better tomorrow based on the road we have already traveled.  Many positives can come from being a part of this world changing pandemic event such as the appreciation of seeing loved ones, family again, spending time on the relationships that seemed pre-covid-19 to be taken for granted during the hustle and bustle of getting to the next event, job, project or social activity. The simple joy of seeing another day to enjoy the wonderous beauty of a sunrise or sunset with those whom you love while admiring God’s creation.  The comfort of knowing all things do not remain static in this world including the present Covid-19 pandemic which shall soon pass into history due to evolution, first line responders’ therapeutic protocols and researchers’ efforts to create vaccines for virus prevention soon to be available to the world.
The pandemic inspired BRS to work even harder for all our licensees, strategic partners, and associates to assure our Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) inspired roofing systems remain the industry’s benchmarks for product performance, weatherability, wind uplift, air/water infiltration and longevity.  In 2020, BRS made several roofing systems innovational and ancillary tool improvements for our roofing systems. BRS took over of the production and supply of the Module Clamp Kits (1-alignment tool and 3-aluminum spacer bars) to assure the highest quality instruments for TS-324 panel installations to assist in holding panel modularity. These alignment tools are utilized for ultra-long panel runs and projects using extended standoff clips to accommodate higher “R” or lower “U” value requirements for thicker faced/unfaced fiberglass blanket insulation systems to be compliant for the stricter energy performance code mandates. SST methodology was used to take a fresh “blank page” complete redesign of the TS-324 fixed clips. This innovational redesign approach proved to be a product improvement success with ASTME-1592 independent test results comparable to current MPS series clip performance values.  The final TS-324 fixed clip designs feature 60% more steel, a stouter dual folded base, an added fifth attachment hole for better installation options on cold formed bar joists. Additional stiffener ribs were added to enhance the clips performance with better rotational and lateral capabilities, improved base performance, better resistance to purlin roll including diaphragm along with three added extended standoff clip heights of 2”, 2-1/2”,  3” to accompany the ½” and 1-1/2” clips. Presently, the “blank page” redesigned TS-324 fixed clips will only available thru Logan Stamping in Logansport, IN.



However, the FC-461 zero standoff TS-324 fixed clips are being discontinued due to the complete redesign. These current FC-461 zero standoff clips will be available until the existing inventory stocks are depleted at Excel Stamping in Cypress, TX or Logan Stamping in Logansport, IN. The RP-038 and RP-138 slotted rake/eave plates will be retired as of December 31, 2020 along with the need for shoulder fasteners required to install them. 
The patented High Capacity Rake/Starter Plates are now considered the industry standard for engineers, designers and owners to meet the current and upcoming more stringent mandated edge/corner zones code requirements. The High Capacity Rake/Starter Plates with up to 7” of thermal cycle travel and being four times (4X) stronger than the present perimeter edge/corner zone parts have triggered BRS to endorse a change to the previous roofing system start detail. The patented High Capacity Rake/Starter plates along with the pre-punched eave plates will now serve as the BRS endorsed standard for both the TS-324 and Panel Craft 216/218 roofing systems panel start details.


Our ongoing commitment in 2021 to all BRS licensees, strategic partners and associates to maintain the SST brand as the industry’s premier metal standing seam roofing system for longevity, weatherability, wind uplift, air/water infiltration and performance. Our incessant dedication for roofing system improvement and innovation assures our licensees, they will always remain the leaders within industry for providing latest cutting-edge metal standing seam roofing systems to their customers. We look forward to challenging ourselves to further enhance the performance of our roofing systems and their components in the coming year.  Our dedicated and exceptionally experienced team members will continue to provide unparalleled technical, sales, innovational and licensee support while focusing on the long-term success of all our license holders throughout the upcoming year.
We appreciate all our licensees, strategic partners, and associates for being a part of the SST industry leading roofing systems market success. We would like to wish each of you a very blessed Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.