New and Improved

The term “New and Improved’ is universally used to announce a change or upgrade in some item that is currently in the marketplace

The term “New and Improved’ is universally used to announce a change or upgrade in some item that is currently in the marketplace. Building Research Systems, Inc (BRS) uses this same improvement concept to continually advance our standing seam roofing systems by integrating the DNA of Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) in all our products. This integration of our leading design technology has led to another industry leading benchmark improvement of our roofing systems edge and corner zone designs with the patented High Capacity Rake Plate which includes up to 7” of slide travel. Developed to meet the more stringent IBC-2018, ASCE7-16 and upcoming MBC inspired edge metal testing protocols for all metal standing seam roofing systems. BRS product innovation review addressed the need for increased uplift capacity and longer slide travel to improve thermal expansion and contraction for ultra-long slope panel runs when used in conjunction with the 8”, 12” or 16” roof systems wind clips.


Third party testing has revealed the new High Capacity Rake plate design is up to four times stronger than the old-style shoulder fastener attachment slotted rake plate and discovered only the 7” slide travel feature becomes restricted at retainer washer when the part fails while the part and roof stays in place. However, when the old-style slotted rake plate fails, the part rolls off the shoulder fasteners at the slot locations resulting in catastrophic roof loss due to this action.

The High Capacity Rake Plate improvement is an industry game changer and a difference maker for the many of the SST licensees that now have adopted these parts as their standard rake/eave details moving forward. The architectural and design communities have also embraced this innovation and now are specifying the High Capacity Rake Plate in an ever-increasing rate for their standing seam metal roof design projects. The ongoing increased demand for this new High Capacity Rake Plate has led to a constant drop in usage quantity numbers of the dated “old style” dual shoulder fastener slotted rake plate design.

BRS recommends to all its licensees to transition to the patented High Capacity Rake and eave plates at their earliest opportunity. While the current old-style slotted tooling needs refurbishment, it will not be renovated based on a multitude of reasons:

  1. The overwhelming successful adoption of the High Capacity Rake Plates within the design/specification community.
  2. The newer more stringent edge/corner zone code requirements of ASCE7-16 or IBC 2018 which exposes the inability of current industry shoulder fastener slotted designs to attain. 
  3. The ever-increasing necessity to meet mandatory state’s stricter thermal energy requirements and codes associated with Green Design and/or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Designs (LEEDS) for metal building projects. The current limited slide travel with their restricted ½’ or 1-1/2” available part heights make them unable to meet the ever-increasing energy code design requirements demanding thicker single layer fiberglass blanket insulation systems.
  4. The patented High Capacity Rake and eave plates are the only edge/corner zone solutions available that can be utilized with any of the various extended Standoff Clip heights capable of meeting the ever changing energy efficiencies mandated code requirements.
  5. The High Capacity Rake /Eave Plates with their multiple heights coupled with the numerous available extended Standoff Clip options of the SST roofing systems is the solitary industry choice to maximize low “U” or High “R” insulation value projects.
  6. The High Capacity Rake/eave plates numerous variable ½” to 3” part heights availability allow increasing the thickness of fiberglass blanket insulation without negatively impacting roofing system design performance.

Effective Monday, January 6, 2020 the current “old style” shoulder fastener slotted rake and eave plates pricing will increase 8% on all orders placed on or shipped after December 31, 2019. The price adjustment is due to the dwindling usage quantities, additional tooling maintenance costs per part manufacture run, restricted part performance limitations and the upcoming non -refurbishment of the tooling. Additional quarterly step price increase adjustments will occur as the “Old Style” slotted part usage quantity volumes continue to decline in 2020. BRS has scheduled these “Old Style” slotted shoulder fastener parts to be formally retired as of December 31, 2020.

The “New and Improved” patented High Capacity Rake with up to 7” of slide travel, enhanced performance capabilities along with the companion upgraded eave plates are the new industry edge/zonal benchmark for all standing seam metal roofing systems. BRS is providing tomorrow solutions for design, performance, weatherability and longevity - TODAY.