Superior Seam Technology™ roof systems are the pinnacle for structural standing seam metal roofs in the industry. The SST™ Design, Research and Development groups were challenged by our licensees to seek a solution for our single skin roofing systems to compete in Green Energy performance while being a more economical option to expensive dual skin Insulated Metal Panels (IMP’s). The challenge led the SST investigators to the most durable insulation board product called R-Seal which provided additional unexpected benefits.

What is R-Seal?

  • R-Seal® is a solution for meeting commercial energy codes, including the ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC continuous air barrier requirements.
  • The most durable rigid board product in the metal building market. R-Seal® has a higher compressive strength and a more durable finish than other polyiso board /sheet products.
  • Installed faster than any other board product, and with the smallest crew imaginable. Because R-Seal® is so durable, it only takes one crew member to install a product sheet while another preps the building wall panel.
  • It has the highest R-value per inch in the industry, and is an economical, low-install cost alternative to dual skin IMP’s.
  • More economical installation than IMP’s. No boom trucks or heavy equipment are needed, so you save money on machine rentals and labor.
  • Equipped with integral tape tabs, available in custom lengths, and delivered with individual job detailing.
  • Damaged or replacement sheets can arrive on the jobsite within 7-10 days depending on location in lieu of several weeks for IMP’s. Reduces project loss time.
  • Available in different facing colors and is paintable once installed.
R Seal
R Seal

2" R-Seal Rigid Envelope Insulation Panel

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2-1/2" and 3" R-Seal Rigid Envelope Insulation Panel

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4" and 5" R-Seal Rigid Envelope Insulation Panel

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