Flexible Payment Terms

Flexible Payment Terms for License

BRS has devised three licensing program payment options offers to expedite your ability to enter the standing seam roofing system market. These methods have been developed to allow licensees with lower standing seam roof volumes the ability to pay for their investment in the technology and equipment to produce the BRS roof systems through increased profit from existing standing seam roof sales of SSR roofs which were previously buying out items.

BRS license fee is $185,000.00 which is offered with the following three option terms available.

  • Payment Option  # 1 - $185,000.00 full payment at signing
  •  Payment Option # 2 - $80,000.00 payment at signing and $.20 per clip surcharge on each clip purchased for five years or until accrued surcharge equals $119,322.00 ( after producing/shipping approximately 4.5 million sq ft of standing seam roof), then no clip surcharge will be assessed and the license fee will be paid in full. At the end of each quarter, if the $.20/clip surcharge amount does not equal $ 5,967.00 in clip surcharges, the shortage amount will be billed to the Licensee for the quarter.
  • Payment Option # 3 -  $ 80,000.00  payment at signing of license followed by quarterly payments of $ 5,967.00 per quarter for five years or $1,989.00 per month for 60 months

Combination Roofing System purchase opportunity discount:

Purchase both licensed roofing systems: the cost for second license will be discounted by 50% or can be purchased for an additional $92,500.00 with similar financing payment program options available for consideration.

Included in the license fee is access to testing BRS conducted at Factory Mutual (FM) and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) that have been conducted. However, the Licensee will have some additional agency listing and maintenance costs with each entity to become fully listed. BRS will assist in obtaining Florida Product Approval (excluding HVHZ).  All current ASTM Test Reports and Load Span Tables will be provided within the technology transfer along with product installation, product application guides and architectural details for the BRS Roofing System(s) licensed.