BRS panel sample shown was subjected to wind load testing and wind driven rain testing.

Panels were exposed to wind speeds in excess of 150 MPH, from multiple directions, via a rotating, 360-degree test base, with wind speeds verified by highly-calibrated instruments.

Simulated wind driven rain testing was conducted for realistic performance to water infiltration.

These tests demonstrated the performance of our industry-leading seam joinery.

The panels excelled under the realistic test conditions due to BRS Superior Seam Technology™ (SST).

Disclaimer: The analyses and conclusions contained herein are solely those of Building Research Systems, Inc and not those of Florida International University (FIU). FIU makes no endorsement of any kind of any product nor does FIU express an opinion as to the accuracy of Building Research Systems, Inc analyses or conclusions.

Building Research Systems, Inc (BRS) welcomes you to explore the area set up specifically for the design community.

The area contains Superior Seam Technology™ (SST)  information and data associated with our industry leading TS324® and Panel Craft™ 216/218 roof systems. All site visitors from architects, engineers, specification writers to owner/clients will be glad they took the time and effort to review the information offered for the highest performing roof systems in the industry. Both roof systems are considered the benchmark standing seam roof systems for wind uplift, air/water infiltration, weathertightness, longevity, and in place performance.


Patented Seam Technology:

  • TS 324® seaming methodology : one panel three seaming options:
  • RollLok® , TripleLok®, QuadLok® -Seam type illustrations
  • Panel Craft™ 216/218 seaming methodology: one panel two seaming options:
  • TripleLok®, QuadLok® -seam type illustrations
  • Seam Type animation – click here for YouTube video. 

Patented clip options to meet any roof design challenge:

  • The largest variety of patented clip options in industry.
  • Standard Fixed clips: meets most project requirements
  • Extended standoff fixed and movable clips : For higher “R” or Lower “U” insulation challenges and ideal for retrofit over existing screw down roofs
  • Short (2) two-hole base heights movable clips: economic performance cost solution
  • Long Base (4) four-hole base Movable Purlin Stabilizing (MPS) clips: reduced purlin bridging
  • Wind Clips: extended length clip tabs for high wind zone and thermal cycle travel challenges

 All clips are UL rated.