TS SkyBrite


Skylights/Light Transmitting Panel (LTP)

Superior Seam Technology™ roof systems utilize a unique field seamed panel tested Skylight/Light Transmitting Panel (LTP) to further the use of natural light without the concern for a non-integrated topical curb system. These light emitting panels are mechanically field seamed into the roof systems forming a single ply metal covering without the additional costs associated with products that require roof curb systems.

The manufacturer of this in panel skylight feature has created an innovative design to accommodate for OSHA Guideline 29 CFR 1910.23 ( e) (8) fall through compliance. Whether using a standard dual skylight /LTP or electing to provide fall through protective panel system, both can be utilized to meet energy design requirements while saving owners money. These allow owners to be environmentally sensitive by using natural light while reducing their carbon footprint.


Standard Skylight Panel - Top View


Standard Skylight - Bottom View

See section information for OSHA 29 CFR  1910.23 Fall through Protective in panel skylights.

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Sky-Brite Guard Product Sheet

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